5 Basic Elements of Good Abstract

Whenever writing abstract for a research article, keep in mind that this is the face of your article and it is bound to be attractive.
A big number of readers decides within a minute to read further or leave the page. So we need to be careful and follow this tested style.
Best time to write the abstract is the end of the work. 

Purpose of Study

An author needs to clearly state about the purpose of the study in first 2 to 3 lines. Don't fail in doing so, if you wish the reader to read further. 
No story, no introduction, straight to the point. 


After purpose, you need to mention in clear words about what kind of methodology you had adopted to do this study. it may be experimental, simulation, interview, literature survey etc. 
Also, discuss software, hardware, sample collection tools, analysis tools so that researchers can repeat the study. 

Main Findings

After discussing methodology, researchers should present main results of the study in terms of data of various parameters. 
Not all data required but the reader should be informed about the main result of the study.


An author must discuss various implications of the study ranging from technical to social. It will help readers to understand the importance of the study. 

Originality/Novelty of study

An author must mention any innovation arising out of the study and originality of the study. It means the work is not repeated under the similar conditions. 
Even if some inspiration is taken from various sources, the author must mention about their original contribution in the study.  

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