5 Simple Reasons to Love Ur Job

Last Friday one of my friend Mr Ajeet Kumar (name changed) was very angry on his employer. He counted hundreds of reasons in less than 10 minutes why he hate this job so much. But as i know he has no other job or business. Then why suddenly one day an employee, start hating the job?
A few years (May 2007) before I quit my first government job.....quite surprising..isn't it? But i quit because i hate the people around me, ambience and blaaa blaa #$@%
I may sound crazy, but I was not fool. I already had job in Mumbai in one International brand NMIMS University. I served here for next 6 years till August 2013 and again quit to land Caledonian College of Engineering, Oman.
Now, after 10 years of service period in 3 organizations, I have learned one should love their job for millions of reasons.
If you hate it ???? Quit.....SIMPLE !!!!!Here are my reasons why I love my job....
  1. I have family and we have food, house and cloths because of my job. Simple. No big words. I know I have good money to feed my family tomorrow. Only a jobless person can understand this pain. May be you also have same reason. 
  2. I have medical coverage, health insurance for which premium is paid by the employer. In some cases, some part of the premium is paid by the employer. 
  3. We have employee development policy in place so that we can enhance our skills, develop and refresh our skills. 
  4. We have an HR policy which gives us paid leave, sick leave, emergency leaves, etc so that I can take care of myself and family.
  5. We have daily challenges and opportunities to meet up. It makes me a better person, every day. 
Now you just close your eyes for 1 minute to find reasons why you should love your job. Remember a famous saying --
We are the result of our challenges and struggles.